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Several companies sponsor spear fishers and spearfishing events every year, making this hobby both entertaining and profitable for passionate fishers.

Ron’s Sea Corner reviews some of the most prominent sponsors that take an interest in this sport, keeping in mind they all have their advantages to seize for every skill-levelled spearfisherman.


This sea-related sports brand is constantly looking for new skilled spearfishermen that are willing to support and grow the spearfishing community while wearing the brand’s attire. The requirements aren’t hard to fulfil.

For example, posting two pictures on Facebook or Instagram every two weeks and a high-quality photo that is useable as a banner should suffice.


This brand offers spear fishers of any kind juicy sponsorships of up to $1500 that will surely help acquire top equipment and attire for every enthusiast out there. They offer this unique opportunity to help grow the spearfishermen community and make the sport even more popular with their investment.


As the primary sponsor for events as important as the Florida Spearfishing Tournament, this brand’s investment is motivated by a desire to preserve the fisheries.

They have chosen this event in particular because of the way it is structured, with its events spread out over almost a year, and removing invasive species from ecosystems they don’t belong to.

Ocean Hunter

The self-proclaimed New Zealand’s spearfishing and free diving specialists’ store is known for offering products of nearly every brand out there, with items related to spearfishing.

Their contribution is most valuable, for they have such a wide variety, a spearfisherman sponsored by the shop will always have the best gear and attire available in the market.

These brands and shops are committed to growing the spearfishing community and each has its reasons to do it, as well as their particular ways about it.

Whether they are sponsoring individual spearfishermen or entire events, their investments have proven to be key for the popularization and encouragement to spearfish around the world’s seas.