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Ron’s Sea Corner is the result of 49-year-old spearfishing aficionado Jayden Hicks, who wanted a space to talk about his favourite hobby.

He and a group of spearfishing mates discussed the idea for a bit, before concluding that a digital magazine would be the perfect platform for what we all wanted to do.

It didn’t take too long before a rudimentary scheme for the magazine was made and fine-tuned into a well-organized site dedicated to all things spearfishing.

This project came to be incredibly easy as it was about a passion that we all shared, and the information started flowing the minute we sat down to brainstorm ideas for the first article we would post.

There was never any need for rigid rules regarding the content, as we were all on the same page and were so enthusiastic and filled with knowledge and experiences to share with others.

The excitement kept growing and as we saw that our content was taking shape, we knew it would appeal to all fishing lovers wishing to give spearfishing a try.

Slowly our ambitions grew along with Ron’s Sea Corner reader-base and all the feedback we got. We realized this was something worthy of following through and keeping updated to the best of our abilities.

As a team, we were soon united by a goal of sharing as much relevant information as possible, regarding this hobby we love so much.

Making this blog meant people all over the world would read our content whenever surfing the web for some spearfishing tips or reviews.

Talking about the gear and the places to go spearfishing to an audience that keeps increasing its numbers by the day is the best feeling we have gotten from this experience.

As we make our way to the top blogs about spearfishing, we do not let up, we push ourselves harder and try to be as professional as we can.

We offer our readers countless articles that are both accurate and entertaining, in addition to useful tips and suggestions for beginners and experts alike.

Our drive is and will continue to be to attract as many people as possible and make spearfishing more popular and better known worldwide. Growing the community as we enjoy our hobby is a dream come true for us.